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Paul Duncan has captured Paarl in the most extraordinary and memorable way with this coffee-table book called ‘Inside Paarl’.  It’s an exclusive look inside this old, yet magnificent small town that has readers buzzing to visit!

The journey through its pages is quite remarkable, giving a glimpse into the enchanting and historical landmarks that all tell a story. Not only is Paarl the home of our beloved boutique hotel, but it also holds the most architectural buildings and landscapes that are all shown within the book including the interiors of the Toringkerk, La Rochelle School Hostel, as well as details of the historic Paarl Synagogue, mosque in Berg River Boulevard and more!

We guarantee you’ll discover Paarl in a completely unique way by having an in-depth look at the architectural heritage that it encompasses. Not only that but it holds breath-taking, atmospheric photography by Greg Cox that is accompanied by detailed text, reflecting the history of the town.

So, if you’re a lover of history and culture, there is no better read for our Sip, Read & Relax. But wait, there’s more – on your next visit to The Light House Boutique Suites, we’ll have a copy in your room for you to enjoy before you head out to see it all for yourselves!

Can’t wait till then? Head out to find it at selected bookstores near you.

You don’t want to miss out on the ‘inside’ scoop. Happy Reading!


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