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More about our inspiration and our team

our inspiration

The Light House Boutique Suites is proudly owned by Dirk and Annette Hertzog. It is a fulfillment of Annette’s vision to create a sanctuary where guests could enjoy the same beautiful space that used to be their family home.

The name, The Light House Boutique Suites, was suggested by the family and retained as the working title during the re-design and renovation project. The Light House is a sanctuary where guests can expect to get pampered and spoiled in a stylishly beautiful environment.

Luxury Accommodation in Paarl

The Light House Boutique Suites luxury services ensures the perfect stay when you book your weekend getaway, romantic honeymoon or golf weekend with us.

The Light House Boutique Suites in Paarl - Luxurious Suites
Our Team

our team

Our team is a closely-knit family of passionate and dedicated people.

Darrol and Hendrik make up our senior management team. After a lifetime spent in various disciplines of design (stage, film, fashion and interiors), they have acquired a wealth of references to draw on, in leading this talented team.

Training at The Light House Boutique Suites

We select our staff based on their exceptional aptitude for engaging with people and tend to favour candidates who have not worked in the hospitality industry before. Our on-site experiential training allows each individual to develop his or her unique set of talents and skills. Management invests ample time and resources in ongoing hospitality and lifestyle training of our team.